• Be in the palm of your customers and prospects hands.
  • Never run out of cards.
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition.
  • Never lose an opportunity to sell your products, services or yourself.
  • Customers and prospects will always have your correct and latest information
  • Fast, easy and powerful way to share your information.
  • Higher Google rankings which means more visibility that can lead to more opportunities
  • Unlimited changes and updates for FREE!!



  • Cutting edge technologies used by IntellicardUSA is a vital tool in today’s digitally connected world. 
  • IntellicardUSA gives you the opportunity to be on the most coveted real estate advertising space in the world your prospects, customers phone or computer home screen. 
  •  IntellicardUSA places your business in the palm of your customer’s hand 24/7.
  • Allows instant connectivity with just a click of a button. 
  • Have your contact information saved to Contacts over 600% more times than with traditional business cards.
  • Real-Time changes.
  • Powerful sales, marketing & branding tool.
  • FREE monthly reports.
  • Save Trees.   


IntellicardUSA allows for all of this and so much more with instant results.

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  •  IntellicardUSA monthly reports will all you to follow up on lead and engagement analysis conveniently. 
  •  Track progress, gain insight.  
  •  Measure your own networking success or that of your sales team through analytics.  
  •  See exactly who has viewed and shared your IntellicardUSA smarter card.
  •  Track the level of engagement with your external links, e.g. Website or other associated tabs on your card.
  •  Export and download reports to CSV files downloaded into your CRM.
  •  Gain insight into prospective clients and the level of engagement.
  •  Expand access to warm leads rather than cold calling. 
  •  Generated new leads and expanded your network.