I love my digital business card! Such a great tool. Steve, you have created a fantastic product. Think about the standard paper card. It is static, can be stunning in design and is tangible to hold in your hand. Then you throw it out. The digital card is a tangible electronic product that is beautifully designed and is animated, with pictures; it tells your story. Oh, and you can become an app on other people’s phones, which my daughter finds really cool. Get one! David B,  CEO of Studio16 Architecture

Many people have said that your brand should always speak for you even when people don't  see you. IntellicardUSA accomplishes that. If you see my card, you see me. Its the card, The Brand,  Its me. IntellicardUSA, the vision of the future in the palm of your hands, with one click you'll remember my brand! Lee W., NFL Alumni, Philadelphia Chapter President  

The digital cards were monumental in getting the word out about the property. I had over a 800 views of my card in a month. I could never have physically handed out that many cards. I really appreciate the card and better yet, the service I’m receiving from IntellicardUSA. Great product and team!!! Troy D, Realtor, Soldier Home Real Estate Group, Austin, TX

 I absolutely love my new smart card from IntellicardUSA. It's amazingly convenient to share with a person via cell, email or social media. Aside from it's impressive professional look, it's functionality is user friendly and allows users to visit your website, email or call you with a simple click! Fantastic ROI! Sandra V., President, EZCredit Now, Pembroke Pines ,FL

I just  purchased my new IntellicardUSA smart card and I love it!!.  For $99. a year this is great investment. You get non stop support from the company. You can make updates with no extra cost. You get monthly printouts of the activity from your card. The card has capabilities for people to share your card, save it to their contacts, clients can email you and so much more. This is a great tool for  marketing. It’s Green, it’s easier and much more cost efficient. I love it. If that isn't enough the customer service they provide is unmatched. Jen J.G., Credit Specialist, Y not royal credit , New Providence, NJ

 I cannot say enough great things about IntellicardUSA, and most importantly, the man behind it all, Steven Poznanski.  Steven created an amazing IntellicardUSA smart card for my law office, and it came out exactly as I had hoped it would.  I love being able to send my business card directly to clients' smartphones or via email. IntellicardUSA smart cards really are the future of networking and getting your information out there efficiently.  My experience working with Steven was absolutely wonderful as he made the whole process easy and quick.  He is also very personable, professional, and takes care of his clients.  If you own a business, I encourage you to contact IntellicardUSA and get your own smart business card today!  Thank you Steve!  Tanya F., Attorney at Law, Fajardo Law Group, LLC., Chicago, IL

Thank you so very much, Steve, for my new IntellicardUSA smart card! It's so amazing. It truly has the tools I need to grow my business.  I truly love the video you added to my card as powerful is that! I just spoke to a friend of mine who is going to N.Y. to a medical convention in which I am unavailable to go. He wanted to pass out my brochures, but we live in totally different cities. I said Michael, "Just give them my new IntellicardUSA smart card, they would have all my information & they can see my video!" Like I said everyone should have this technology! Thanks Steve for all your ideas & suggestions to help build my new card.  John F. , Vice President,  Orlando, FL

This is an excellent  tool for any company that is growing and understands how effective target marketing is for their business. Your product is the future. You are way ahead of time with people grasping how powerful this can be for their marketing connections.  You have an excellent product and this is a game changer just like my cell phones were for others!  Warren L., Finance Manager Hudson Toyota, Jersey City, New Jersey

I started doing business with IntellicardUSA months ago and one of the key things I like most is that all my most important information, from my social media links to my website to my contact information, is all in one IntellicardUSA smart card. With my IntellicardUSA smart card, I created a storyboard that leads clients to the key points of my offerings. Then I can easily track which links have caught their attention the most through the reports IntellicardUSA sends me. Think Google analytics for your business card. These analytics can then steer your follow-up conversations and help you create a better storyboard that gets clients doing business with you. Thanks Steve for all your support in developing my card. To back up what I have just shared, I bought 3 cards for my business.  Mark D., Director of Business Developments, Rize UP Enterprises, Dallas, TX  

When I first saw the info for the IntellicardUSA smart business card on a LinkedIn post I immediately reached out to discuss the option to purchase this amazing concept. After seeing a couple samples, I was sold immediately! By far this is the most impressive  card I've ever seen! It has given me a competitive advantage by allowing me to track the activity with both of my businesses on it.  Sonya B., Realtor/Owner, eXp Realty,  Peoria, Arizona

Top notch customer service and the turnaround time was SUPER fast!!   I’m impressed with all that comes with it!  Such an amazing tool!  I can finally cut down on the cost of paper business cards! And honestly, we can’t track our paper business cards when people refer us for business anyway.  Jhalisha L, Realtor/Owner and Credit Repair Specialist, eXp Realty, Troy, Michigan 


I purchased an IntellicardUSA smart business card and in just a month I have seen growth in my business. I no longer need to carry paper business cards, I now get to connect with my clients and prospects with my  card, with just one click. So happy to have this card. I get to expose my multiple business in a "One stop shop" way!!  Leslie T., Sales Director, Financial Education Services, Austin, Texas

I have thoroughly enjoyed the response to my IntellicardUSA smart Business card!  Everyone I have sent my card to is always impressed with the look and information it provides.  I never carry cards anymore, this is much easier and it takes my professional appearance to another top notch level.  Keetha H., President, The Aesthetic Consultants, Plano, Texas

 I am so happy with my IntellicardUSA smart card. Thank you for creating such a beautiful card.  Simuel R.P., Director/Producer, Simboya Films, Atlanta, Georgia

 Thank you for your amazing customer service and support for my business!!!!  Roshanda J., Sales Director, OMG My Credit, Detroit, Michigan